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A Premier Social Footballing Experience Customized to YOUR needs and wants

The X-League is an IPOS & Trademark Registered company that runs FAS sanctioned, customized social football leagues, friendly matches and social football events in Singapore. It's run by a team of dedicated professionals with proven track records in sports management, marketing and public relations.

Our number one priority is to provide a PREMIER social football experience that allows you to meet up with new and old friends on a weekly basis at a location that's convenient to you!

We strive to provide high quality social football leagues, social events, tournaments and unparalleled membership perks! that's right; you'll get the skinny on everything hot in Singapores social football scene keeping your calendar filled with throughout the year!

League Adoption System

The X-League boasts a unique league adoption system that allows its participants to benefit from its league sponsors through a privilege card programme. All participating teams will be given an X-Card which entitles them to enjoy PREMIER perks at all participating sponsor outlets.

Top Referees

In order provide a PREMIER social football experience; All matches under the X-League umbrella will be officiated by the BEST the country has to offer- "QUALIFIED and REGISTERED FAS referees.

All FAS registered referees undergo monthly physical fitness and training programmes that ensure that they are physically fit and up to date with FIFA's Laws of the Game.

A Premier Experience at Affordable rates

We've got something for everyone; whether you want to play in the North, South, East or West in Singapore; against your friends, social networks or even complete strangers, the X-League will provide a customized experience at price competitive market rates.

Corporate/Social Football Events

Need a hand planning your next social football event or corporate competition? We do that too! Were your one stop shop for all your social football event planning needs!

Portfolio of Services we provide

  • Customized Social Football Leagues
  • Promotion/Relegation league structure
  • Friendly Matches
  • Corporate/Company Football Events
  • Social Football Events
  • Privilege Card Programme with Unparalled membership perks!