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As I pen down the history of the team, I would like to congratulate the team on becoming champions yet again, runaway champions that is. 13th of Oct ’12 marked the day we were crowned champions with a resounding 4-0 victory against Maestro FC in the X-league Div 2, with 3 games remaining in hand. Hamdulillah.
Started in 1991 by then player-caretaker, Roslan Bin Yahya, the team was made up of players who practically grew up together in Marsiling. The pioneer batch of players played their friendly games earnestly travelling to the west end of the island every weekend. The style of football played by the team in the early 90s was of course different from nowadays in the sense that hard tackles flew in every now and then and it was actually a moment of brilliance that dictates the outcome of a match. Bruised and battered they may be but they would dutifully turn up for the next game, raring to go. The previous batch had a number of talented players in the mould of Faizal Hanafi, Azhari Anis and a few others who often caught the eye of opponents and talent scouts.
The present batch of Grampus Rise however plays the ‘push, pass & play’ football under the tutelage of Cik Kassim, a former Singapore Malays veteran. It was inculcated into us to play the patient passing game before the deciding ball in the final third makes an impact. Just like a guardian who knows his wards well, he is able to spot the strengths and weaknesses of each and every player in the team. He would brief each player individually before and after the game to enable the player to realize the true potential he has. Being chided for mistakes aside, there’s always a strong word of assurance by the man himself.
The heart of the team, in my opinion actually belongs in the midfield with an elite group of players who plied their trade in the NFL and lower amateur leagues. Faizal Hanafi tops the list with the other players in tow such as, central attacking/defensive midfielders Irfan Nurhakim , Hasrom, Yusran Abu, Ferus Amir, left winger Jumardan Bin Ali, right winger Raja Razie, and the ever versatile younger brother of Yusran Abu, Faezan. With this huge amount of talent, one could not help but only wonder when we took opponents apart.
The team now consists of players from all walks of life though the essence of the team still remains; a cohesive bond a likened to that of a band of brothers. Discipline and mutual respect is maintained on and off the field. This is definitely a recipe for success although there’s a copious amount of room for improvement as a team.
With that being said, I’d like to end with a quote. “The end is the beginning of an end.” Though the rise of Grampus Rise, is just only, but beginning…….