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Every boy has a dream and every dream is to be a champion. That was how we were, when we grew up. What helped this dream was the evolution of our mentors and idols donning the national colours with fans screaming away at the National Stadium while in support of Malaysia Cup Winners. We told ourselves that we would one day replace their spots and uphold the glory they have brought back to the shores.

We hone our skills under the void decks, at schools and even at our 1000-odd square foot homes. We had the police, the neighbours and most terrifying of all, our parents breathing down our necks for kicking balls everywhere. That did not stop us.

Most of us went up the ranks of representing the various zones in the Milo Soccer School - Centre of Excellence, to youth teams in the S-League as well as the National Age Group squads.

We were fortunate enough to travel the world to participate in tournaments overseas, which includes Europe, and almost everywhere in Asia. Some of us were talent scouted for trials by big names that many Singaporeans thought it would be far-fetched. Despite all that, our experiences precede what the doubters thought.

Some of us made it professionally in the S-League and even was capped at National Level. But reality is, as many of us know, staying on top of our game was sometimes dependant on situations that is beyond our control. Hence, many of us had our football cleats in the storeroom for storage.

In spite of all the challenges that we had, the passion we had for football was running through our veins. We needed to enjoy football the only way we know how; play quality football. That was when few of the guys came up with a brilliant idea to form up Retired Football Club (with the help of social media).

We gathered all our friends, friends of friends, friends who know friends and we got a team that not only know what football is all about, but we enjoy the way we play. With just one friendly match, the camaraderie between us was optimum and merry. The only reason was because the reunion have made us ‘missed’ each other and seeing everyone after so long was just epic.

The progress from friendly matches to participating in a tournament was snappy. We enrolled ourselves in an amateur league called X-League that promises quality teams playing against each other. No doubt they had quality teams but we came out tops for that tournament and were crowned champions. A glory that many of us have been only dreaming of, since we were boys.

With a championship trophy under our wings, we are raring to ply our trade in more tournaments in the future, all in the name of friendship and memories that we can reminisce